How to overcome PTSD triggers! Mental Health with Kati Morton – POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER

Recovery from PTSD can be hard, but know that it’s possible! Today I talk about how to overcome some of the triggers we may encounter after a trauma and/or when we are struggling with PTSD.
I was asked below my last video about the WHY. Why do we want to try out these tools or get better? Why would we want to do that? The answer is that we would only want to get better because we hate how it currently is, or it is impairing our ability to function in our everyday life.
Onto the real question (listed below) we can overcome these triggers or fears through CBT therapy, seeing a trauma therapist, exposure therapy, and there is also (as always) medication. These are all great ways to better help ourselves cope and overcome triggers we encounter each and every day. xox
How does one deal with PTSD and anxiety/fear when the trigger is realistically dangerous? (i.e. Cars terrify me because of a traumatic accident I was in, but cars are in fact dangerous – and I don’t know how to rationalize that away to make them ‘safe’ in my head again)
What are your options when your PTSD causes you to be dysfunctional in today’s society? (i.e. – Cars are triggering, need a car to get to work) WEBSITE
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