How to Differentiate Bipolar Disorder from a Trauma Response, with Ruth Lanius

In How to Differentiate Bipolar Disorder from a Trauma Response, Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD, will share one particular symptom that can help inform the way you approach treatment.

Ruth is a leading expert in the treatment of trauma, and she’s seen how a dysregulated trauma response can be mistaken for manic behavior that’s related to bipolar disorder.

When a client is struggling to manage their emotions, it could be connected to a past traumatic experience.

But the client’s behavior could also be connected to bipolar disorder.

So, how do you tell the difference?

Bipolar disorder can put the client in a manic state of mind that has a specific effect on their sleeping patterns.

This is key, because trauma also impacts a person’s sleep, but in a very different way.

Ruth lays out the difference in these two ways, and explains what to look for in the person’s experience with sleep. This knowledge can better inform your treatment strategy to allow for better outcomes when healing trauma.

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Source: Youtube