How Theresa Is Beating Depression, Anxiety & PTSD Through Transforming Her Biology & Psychology

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When I first met with Theresa she struggled with:


Attention & Memory Problems

Difficulty Overcoming The Intense Neuroplasticity Of Her Past Negative Experiences

Anxiety (Hyperactive Amygdala)

Depression (Neuro-inflammtion, Chronic Stress, Micronutrient Deficiencies, Insomnia)

Lack of Motivation (Impaired Dopaminergic System)

Extreme Fatigue

Intrusive & Overpowering Negative Rumination. (Serotonergic Dysfunction)

She is extremely committed, has very high standards, ambitious goals and has been on a persistent path of overcoming her mental health problems for over 5 years with not much luck. Experimenting with various approaches both in the realm of Psychology & Health.

When we first had our call Theresa was somewhat skeptical because ‘’It all sounded too good to be true’’ (which if you have been struggling with something for a lifetime and someone tells you we can make dramatic change in months, makes sense…)I am very glad she decided to get started despite the fear of things not working out just like they have before.4 months later her experience is vastly different:

Best Sleep Quality She Has Experienced

Sharp Attention

Overcame Copying Behaviours

Vastly Improved Memory & Learning

High Motivation (Functional Dopaminergic System)

High Optimism (Healthier Brain & Hormonal Profile & The Psychological Systems Controlling Emotions)

Higher Energy

Significantly Less Negative Thoughts

Ability to Top Down Calm Her Stress Response = (Communication from her Pre-frontal Cortex to her Emotional brain & the amygdala) if we did an MRI Scan we would see the pattern found in research which is: as the neural connections from the prefrontal cortex to the amygdala increase, the is a dramatic positive difference in emotional regulation, this is part to the biological changes we made, opposite is true as well, the less communication between prefrontal cortex (rationality) and the emotional brain and the amygdala the more you are a victim to your emotions. (Which makes discipline and executive functioning very dififcult)

She is no longer just in survival mode but actively aiming at who she wants to become, what she wants to give to her son Judah and other people in her life.Theresa is incredible and has been so persistent in getter better & improving.

I really admire what she is doing, what she has done & who she is becoming.

Theresa really engrained the lesson that we are not all dealt the same cards in our lives, but that we can make the admirable DECISION to focus on making things better and not being caught by resentfulness & despair over what happened to her. She sets an example that I take great inspiration from.

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