How the Pandemic Impacted our Mental Health, 1 Year Review After New Mask Mandate

How the Pandemic Impacted our Mental Health

It’s no secret that this year has taken a significant toll on us. Physically, emotionally, mentally and basically just any other way you could imagine. Think about it, toward the end of 2019 to 2020 we were receiving new pieces of information everyday that impacted our daily routines and our ability to survive. CNN had a death counter tracking both globally and nationally that we just assimilated to thinking by the end, “Oh yea, that’s normal.”

Well if you needed to hear this from me, it’s not. Cohesively, we all endured isolation, fear, uncertainty, loss and stress. And while we have scientists and top medical professionals working on managing this rapid virus, there’s another focus that some researchers have been drawn to, which is the mental health pandemic that rose as a result of Coronavirus.

Source: Youtube