How Narcissistic Mother Makes Her Scapegoat Daughter Feel (as a Christian woman)

How Narcissistic Mother Makes Her Scapegoat Daughter Feel is important to discuss because of all the questions women raised by toxic mothers ask: “What happens to daughters of narcissistic mothers?” and “How do narcissistic mothers treat their daughters?” and” What is the impact of growing up with a narcissistic mother?” Because of chronic narcissistic trauma in childhood,
daughters of narcissistic mothers don’t know that how they feel is the result of narcissistic abuse. Chronic childhood trauma leads to C-PTSD and requires effort in order to achieve narcissistic trauma healing.

To understand how to heal trauma, we must acknowledge what narcissistic mother trauma is. Here I explain the impact of having a narcissistic mother. To know how narcissistic mothers affect their daughters, watch my video. Narcissistic abuse recovery requires specific skills: learning how to heal yourself emotionally, how to process feelings,
how to grieve and feel sadness. That’s why we need to talk about how narcissistic mothers make their scapegoat daughters feel.

15 feelings daughters of narcissistic mothers experience
(Narcissistic Victim Syndrome Signs)

1. Feeling guilty and forever indebted.
WATCH “Things Narcissistic Mothers Do”

2. Feeling shameful and worthless.
WATCH “Things Narcissistic Mothers Say”

3. Feeling angry or even enraged.
WATCH “I Hate My Mother”

4. Feeling unable to trust yourself.
WATCH “Lack of Self-Trust”

5. Feeling incompetent and inadequate.
WATCH “Distorted Self-Concept”

6. Feeling boundary-less.
WATCH “Lack of Self Respect”
and “Desensitization and Numbness”

7. Feeling unable to trust people or discern characters.
WATCH “Sensory Overload”
and “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”

8. Feeling crazy and doubting reality.
WATCH “Compromised Brain Function and the Nervous System”

9. Feeling anxious.
WATCH “Chronic Growing Sense of Danger”

10. Feeling desperate and depressed.
Let me know if you want to watch “How To Have Faith” but here’s everything about my own depression

11. Feeling misunderstood, invalidated, and dismissed.
WATCH “Don’t Tell Me What To Do”–q&index=3

12. Feeling in bondage.
WATCH “7 Ways Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers Suffer”

13. Feeling faith-shamed.
WATCH “Honor Your Mother”
and “Guard Your Heart”

14. Feeling torn apart.
WATCH “5 Stories of Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers”

15. Feeling suicidal.
WATCH “Suicidal Depression”




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