How I Overcame Post Natal Depression (PND) & Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS) || SugarMamma

After thinking about making this video for a long time and talking with my close friends, we agreed that sharing my story and message would help other people going through a tough time know that they are not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. This was not easy for me to make and to share and I did this with a lot of fear of judgment but also strength.

This was a really tough part of my life where I completely lost myself and my ability to laugh. Overtime I recovered however I am a different person from going through this. In this video I share with you some of the things that helped me rise out of the darkness, where I was exhausted and simply frightened.

I ask that if you know anyone going through a tough time, that you share this video with them if you think it might help. I felt so alone at the time and sometimes hearing that you can come out the other end of this really gave me faith.

Also, if you know of things that helped you or other people going through challenging times, please share your insights, tips and wisdom. I want this video to help people feel safe and empowered to heal.

Real women that I follow that keep me grounded, inspired and laughing….

Mia Freedman – Mamamia – a seriously inspiring and intelligent mother and business woman with incredible energy and someone who openly shares that she suffers from anxiety. And brutally honest. Love her.

Georgie Abay – The Grace Tales – Don’t let the beautiful images make you think this is all sunshine and laughters for the women profiled on The Grace Tales…real mothers share their challenges, losses and heartbreaks – Georgie covers stories from miscarriages, illnesses, family challenges and all other challenges of life. You treasure life when you read The Grace Tales.

Mother Pukka – Anna Whitehouse – hilarious, creative and constructive.

Zoe Foster Blake:

Celeste Barber – A real mother making you laugh about reality…

I will update more tomorrow but if other people want to add in the comments box who they love, that would be great!

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