How Being A Mobile Mechanic Saved My Life

How Being A Mobile Mechanic Saved My Life.Tgis Youtube video is a very personal one. Today I tell you how I went from finding Bombs in Iraq to How Being A Mobile Mechanic Saved My Life. if your thinking well thats stupid than you should really watch the video because it’s talks about my struggles and me thinking about how bad my Life is and that it did need Saved. I meet a woman who turns my life around and helps me fight my personal battles and now my Mobile Mechanic buisness also Helped Saved My Life and does every day because it keeps my mind busy gives me purpose provides an income and all that helps me find the demons which are PTSD. So litterly and figuratively this is How Being A Mobile Mechanic Saved My Life.

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Low Profile Jack-
300 Piece Socket Set-
Dewalt Impact Wrench set-
Milwaukee impact wrench-
Dewalt nine piece cordless kit-
Gear wrench ratcheting 20 Piece wrench set-
STANLEY Tool Box Mobile Chest 50-Gallon-
Husky Rolling Tool Bag-
Battery Jump pack-
Code Reader/Basic level-
Code Reader/Intermediate level-
Code Reader/Pro Level-
Code Reader/Expert level-
Multimeter beginner level-
Multimeter intermediate level-
Multimeter pro level-
Pro lift creeper-
Pro lift jack stands-
Slide hammer-
Wheel bearing puller kit-
Samsung S21 phone/video recorder-
Vlog recording kit-


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Semper Fi Mechanic YouTube channel is a channel that uploads mostly HOW TO videos. I am a Mobile Mechanic in Columbus, Ohio and I record some of my jobs and interactions that I run into everyday. I post these HOW TO style videos so you can watch them and learn how to fix your own car and save money also I show you how to open and operate a successful Mobile Mechanic Business . I am Retired from the United States Marine Corps so my word is solid and I show amd tell the truth about everything. So please like my videos and SUBSCRIBE to help me grow this channel. I have PTSD from being injured at war and actually this channel and support from everyone helps me cope with my issues. If you would like to personally support myself and this channel please click on the links below to support a combat wounded veteran turned Mobile Mechanic/Youtube Mechanic.

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