Honoring our Hero Samuel Wayton

Back in March of 2016, I could not sleep one night. I could not seem to get my boyfriend, Sam, out of my thoughts. So I decided that I would make a video in dedication to him and his services in the Marine Corps as well as to include the song that he told me he adored because it reminded him of his mom.

Looking back, I had no idea that one day I would be creating another video in remembrance of him using the same song that seems to be so fitting. Unsteady by X Ambassadors.

Sam suffered from post traumatic stress disorder due to his deployment in Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan, Sam suffered a traumatic brain injury from an improvised explosive device and of which he received a purple heart award for.

To the day he returned home from Afghanistan to the very day he died, Sam fought and struggled with his demons every single day. This did not only affect Sam, but everyone who knew and loved him.

News article:

PTSD is an invisible wound which makes it that much more difficult.

If you suspect that you might have PTSD or know someone that may have PTSD please PLEASE seek treatment for it. Do not just shrug these individuals off, HELP THEM! If you cannot, find someone who will because PTSD is serious.

Below are some links that might be helpful to other veterans.

Veteran crisis line:

About PTSD:

Thank you Samuel Howard Wayton for your service. You will not be forgotten. We will love and miss you so much. You will be in our hearts forever and always.


Source: Youtube