Healing Trauma with Yoga | Physical & Mental Health

Healing Trauma with Yoga is the long-awaited fourth book by Beth Shaw. This unique, user-friendly, and practical guide to understanding and healing the origins and effects of trauma is a comprehensive source of essential information and helpful advice and provides valuable, innovative tools to assist in addressing and working through anxiety, depression, and PTSD, as well as other trauma-related health challenges.
Author Beth Shaw offers essential information and easy implementation of scientifically-proven techniques for self-care and new habits for daily, exploring a variety of modalities, including yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and Ayurveda.

Learn how to heal yourself and others with Healing with Trauma and Yoga:
* Design a multi-faceted healing program based on your needs or those of your clients
* Explore the effects of trauma on the brain and how to redirect neurological pathways
* Find guidance to creating healthier habits to deal with stress and tension
* Bolster your resilience and coping mechanisms as you face daily stressors
* Clear trauma from your body and mind through accessible, innovative yoga techniques

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