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Awesome Health podcast – Episode 100

Healing PTSD from the pandemic with nootropics is one area of expertise of today’s Awesome Health podcast guest, David Tomen. David specializes in treating PTSD and avoiding age-related memory loss, brain fog and fatigue through nootropic supplementation.

David’s journey with nootropic supplements began when he was diagnosed with Adult ADD. After years of dealing with an inability to focus, even suffering depression because of it, Ritalin helped turn around his career and his life. But a few short years later David was in the ER with a laundry list of symptoms from complete memory loss, chronic fatigue, depression and even an inability to focus again. Neurologists tested him for early-onset Alzheimer’s which came back negative. No one had answers for him so he turned to nootropics.

Since then, David has written two books on the subject and foundeded Nootropics Expert web site where he helps others find their optimal path to brain health.

We waste no time at the start of this episode and dive into the deep end: David explains what PTSD is and why he thinks so many people are now experiencing it. PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder and is a mental health diagnosis. David describes it as a traumatic event or catastrophic stressor outside of the range of typical human experiences.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been such an event for many people. David goes on to tell us what some of the symptoms of PTSD are as well as how chronic stress changes the brain. Chronic stress changes neural networks and cortisol levels, which creates a domino effect that hardwires pathways between the hippocampus and the amygdala. This rewiring from chronic stress can become permanent and actually change your long-term memory, and can even lead to a reduction in grey matter (ie dying or dead brain cells). That reduction in grey matter can mean increased brain fog and slower processing times/mental acuity.

David also tells how to tell if we might be experiencing PTSD and what we can do about it through the use of nootropics. This article (link here) has a list of symptoms of PTSD so you can check it out for yourself, you can also read about it on David’s web site or get a diagnosis from a therapist of psychiatrist.

If you think you might have some of the symptoms or if you know someone who does, there are supplements that can help. Ashwaganda is one and it works by reducing the stress hormone cortisol, lowers blood sugar levels and improves lipid profiles. But in the brain it actually works to rebuild axons and dendrites and reconstruct synapses (where neurons talk to each other in the brain). In short, this means ashwaganda can help boost memory and rewire neural networks in the brain that were negatively impacted by stress.

On this episode of Awesome Health podcast, David tells us about a few other supplements that can help with PTSD symptoms including Rhodiola Rosea. We then talk about how stacking these supplements (or any other nootropics) makes a difference in their effectiveness and how to start off slowly while you build your own stack.

He also explains why stacking is a must when treating PTSD and so much else! Tune in to hear it all on episode 100 of Awesome Health podcast.

Interview Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
1:55 – Why David believes that everyone is suffering from some form of PTSD
8:40 – What is PTSD?
11:58 – The Consequences of PTSD
14:20 – The affects on the brain of people who have experienced COVID
16:38 – How do you identify whether you have had PTSD and how do you start the process of recovery
24:03 – Lithium Oratate supplement for brain support
27:20 – The Power of L-Theanine
30:37 – Break
39:16 – How do you address supporting the brain and what is the approach?
49:57 – Wade’s pet peeve with the “me too” supplement movement
54:25 – Your PTSD Action steps

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