Heal Your Voices

Many people have voices that are created during overwhelming or traumatic events. These voices are not schizophrenic voices. No matter where they come from or what part they play in your life, they can be communicated with to create mental and emotional peace. It is not unusual to have voices and it is not hard to make them a positive part of your everyday life. We offer a way that is simple and effective and you can use it as a tool for life. We support the mental health emancipation movement and want to equip you help yourself! www.HelpForTrauma.com

The Instinctual Trauma Response Model is an outcome and evidence-based model developed after 30 years of work in hospitals and clinics by Dr. Louis Tinnin and Dr. Linda Gantt. It is successful in dramatically reducing and most often eradicating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, and the many symptoms PTSD can have such as depression, bipolar depression, ADHD, ADD, fears, panic and anxiety. The ITR Model was conceived and used in hospitals dealing with mental disorders and trauma treatment clinics for over 30 years. The Instinctual Trauma Response Model was developed by the innovative psychiatrist Dr. Louis Tinnin, and his wife, Linda Gantt, PhD., an acclaimed art therapist. They both had a passion to help people suffering from the effects of adverse events in their lives, including preverbal trauma and the PTSD symptoms caused by them. An adult who experienced traumatic birth or an incident as a toddler can report life-long symptoms of anxiety with nervousness and spells of terror or panic. They may have temper outbursts and urges to smash or break things. They have depression, self-consciousness, distrust of others, and a high vulnerability to stress.

Do I have trauma?
Did you ever experience abuse in any form such as:
Sexual abuse
Verbal Abuse
Emotional Abuse
Religious Abuse
Domestic Abuse
Sibling Abuse
Neglect as a child
Were you adopted?
Did your parents go through a divorce when you were a child?
Have you survived a natural disaster or a car accident?
Did you have surgery or a medical procedure as a child or adolescent?
Does fear hold you back when you try to do something new?
Do you feel like the other shoe is going to drop just when things are going well?
Do you have a hard time being in a stable relationship?
Do you struggle to excel in your career?
Do upsetting memories of a childhood event pop into your mind unexpectedly?
Does a voice in your head hold you back when you try to do something positive for yourself?
Do you have issues around food?
Do you drink more than you know you should?
Are you always irritable or in a constantly negative mood?
Do you feel disconnected from others?
Do you have sleep issues or nightmares?
Or did you ever have invasive medical procedures or surgery?

Whether a person experiences combat, a car accident, physical assault, a natural disaster, or a medical trauma, they could have PTSD.

Do you ever feel like this?
I need help. Something is stopping me.

Do you ever ask your self:
Whats wrong with me? I’m depressed.
Whats wrong with me I’m overreacting?
Whats wrong with me emotionally?
I wonder whats wrong with me?
I don’t know whats wrong with me?
I’m so irritable whats wrong with me?
What is stopping me?
What is stopping me from being happy?
What is stopping me from achieving my goals?
What is stopping me from moving forward?
What is a traumatic event?
Could the traumatic event as a child still be effecting me?
How do past events effect you?
What is traumatic event management?
What is PTSD?
Do I have PTSD?
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