Heal PTSD Trauma Meditation (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Healing Meditation for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Childhood trauma, abuse and PTSD.
Long term stress disorder.
Narcissistic abuse ptsd

Based on deep relaxation and quantum codes healing which help to release the unhealthy programs.

Use meditation at night just before sleep to allow the process work all night.

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Music: YouTube Audio Library – Dreaming in 432 Hz by Unicorn Heads

About the Project Beyond Placebo:
Founder Sukhendu Mandal (PhD). Beyond Placebo is a writing project with scientific studies in consciousness and ancient yogic systems. Check out the upcoming books at www.beyondplacebo.co.in. The author shares process of awakening in the first book that was written with more than 25 years of yoga and meditation practice. The second book shares the entire cycle of ascension through a set of 24 quantum codes, which is available to be activated for anyone through the book.

Disclaimer: These videos are for educational purpose only. The idea of spirituality and quantum session are to be part of personal wellness habits. There is no medical prescription or treatment provided here. The creator and owner of this material donot take responsibility of any direct or indirect effect whatsoever, that the user may experience.

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