God Healed Ben Courson's Depression

It’s truly possible – life can get better. You can thrive.

Hear Ben Courson’s story of overcoming depression, as well as 11 practical steps to help anyone who’s walking through depression right now in the full episode:


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So when I was 18 years old, I read a book called A Grief Observed by somebody we both love, C. S. Lewis. And I knew then that I had clinical depression. Later I got diagnosed with OCD and complex post-traumatic stress disorder, but a lot of my depression was psychological. And then there were certain facets that were part and parcel of an environmental melancholia. For example, my brother died and my sister died. I went through a romantic heartbreak, tried to kill myself a few times, a pastor friend of mine committed suicide. You just start going through stuff that makes you think like I would have these panic attacks. And I thought I’m never going to be able to get healed mentally and God healed me. He healed me. He’s so good. And my message for people is if God could heal me, he can heal anybody. He can heal anybody.

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