Get Lifted: The Jon Brownell Documentary

Anxiety & Depression is beyond terrifying, but just know you are not the only one dealing with it. Just know that everything will be okay, because God loves you and is preparing you for something bigger & better in your life.

For the longest time I was embarrassed of my story and what I went through. Eventually, I realized the positive impact it had on the people around me. I knew then that God put me on this earth to inspire & motivate others around me to NEVER GIVE UP.

My best friend was Killed in a car accident, which sent me into a deep depression, severe anxiety, & post traumatic stress disorder. I used fitness & nutrition to defeat it, but little did I know at the time God had much bigger plans for me & my future. Please Let me know how you like this video 🙂

My best friend & two other close friends were all killed in a tragic car accident I should have been in. For two years after that I was diagnosed with depression, severe anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder. I was forced to drop out of college, quit work, couldn’t get into a car (couldn’t drive), and for the first six months couldn’t leave my house. Countless times suicide crossed my mind, but my faith in God along with the support of my mother was way too strong for me to give up. Eventually, I found that with the combination of working out, eating healthy, and listening to Taylor Swift music would create an outlet for me to continue my journey. After tuning up my body and opportunities lining up in my life, I ended up as a fitness model and dabbled in some acting while living in New York City.

Currently: Im living my dream in Los Angeles, California as an Actor / Model / Private Trainer.

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“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.”

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