Gentle night rain (RAIN SOUNDS) for relaxing sleep insomnia meditation study PTSD.

The Great Physician is here Rainfall sounds are rhythmic gentle soft for
StressFree Pluviophiles, what a great outpouring of rain and the abundance of torrential rainfall in the street peaceful calm soothing, and refreshing. This is new life rain sounds for sleeping and awakening has a sweet aroma feeling for Pluviophiles sweet feeling rainfall renewal of strength for body spirit and soul. Rain sounds like a wellspring of music for deep sleep.

Gentle Soft Rain is good for Study and meditation. Sweet Incense of sound rain influences sweet dreams and create a Chemical reaction of joy. Rainfall sounds are good for the body and brain and have beautiful soothing feelings for deeper sleep and stronger memory. Natural Sound waves of rain each rain sound drop massage your critical thinking soul and body. The rain sounds have some Piano and Flute music sounds. Rainfall Sounds stimulates Creativity Imagination and the feeling of healing.

Meditation has been going on through evening rain prayer and supplication what an awesome feeling of freshness new life a healed soul a healed body and spirit through the rhythmic sound of bloop splash spray thunder dribble drizzle inspires wholesomeness through rippling trickling and bubbling of rain. This is truly rainfall positive energy for study and meditation. Great unique rhythmic rain sounds bubbling rain with joy and rest. The water of life rain trickling down from Heaven flowing down through those terraces very refreshing rain peaceful and alleviating.

Source: Youtube