Found Out I have PTSD…

Hello Mate,

I found out I am diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and have had it since I was 14 years old. I lived my entire life self masking the traumas and proceeded to push through. Which is the normal response to such situation. Well holding things in is never good. Let’s start there; now 28 years old and having to revisit trauma that occurred many years ago feels like a whole new level of messed up. It is like taking a million steps towards your future goal to realize more than half of them were inspired from your own past. Your own trauma. Now on my self discovery journey to helping others… I get a diagnosis that was not a part of my plan. Watch me tackle it, watch me help others making an actual change, watch me grow. I am Raven; my friends, my supporting team; they are the passengers in the car; they are my birdies. Even they did not know what I was facing; sometimes the ones closest to us take the blame, the aggression; take in our hurt. It is not our fault; but at some point you grow up realizing your projecting your crap onto others. Let’s get out of the Matrix together and start living a life that is honest and true. That will lead to actualized happiness…. together. You are the drivers of this car; how far we go is based on how far you want us to.

– RAVEN – Celeste

Source: Youtube