Forrest Fenn's Scavenger Hunt 2

This mission in North Vietnam, Forrest Fenn was rescued out of the jungle, and left behind several items wrapped in the tree. Locate the items by using the clues from the video. Collect your cash and souvenir as a gift from “The Finder”.

Fun event for the whole family to enjoy. Work together as a team and enjoy the outdoors. And before you leave for the day, stop by to see Forrest Fenn’s Magical Blaze and take memorable photos by his special tree.

Enjoy and have fun. This scavenger hunt is valued ($200). So please submit your photos with the “Guillotine” and “240-Cable” they used to rescue Mr. Fenn out of the jungle. And I will send you the remaining balance ($100) plus a signed copy of my book “Fenn’s Bells” by Reed Randall

Source: Youtube