Five ways to stop anxiety right now. Universal Healer

Anxiety can overtake you. It is viscous and powerful but with love and the right knowledge you can master those emotions. Please visit our website.

Below is a little about the creators of UniversalHealer

We gradually discovered our energetic and intuitive gifts during different phases of our life. From “knowing” to the tangible feeling of divine electric circulating inside and outside of our bodies. Over time, we started to comprehend and develop our abilities to heal beings mentally, physically and spiritually. We have always been hesitant to speak publicly about it as contemporary society is stuck in a linear thought pattern that doesn’t understand the science in the magic. Now is the time though, the world needs healing and it is okay if some beings aren’t ready to accept the divine power that we all possess. If you are here, we know you are ready. Our purpose is to heal and create a new world. We love you and will do all to help you heal and grow.

Our unique healing power comes from a constant energetic unified relationship of the divine feminine and sacred masculine. We have worked to create patterns in ourselves that allow us to tap into each other for increased healing and wisdom that is ultimately provided by the God source.

We love you and are here to hold your hand through your own unique and personal journey.

**We Help Guide In**
*Mind Programming*
Mindfulness Training
Guided Meditation
Lessons in Presence

*Intuitive Reading*

Numerology & Astrology
I Ching and Tarot
Psychic Reading

*Relationship Healing*
Building Trust & Communication
Understanding the self and partner
Flourishing as a team

*Intuitive Healing*
Eating Disorders
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Physical pain & Soul Retrieval
Depression & Anxiety
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Chakra Clearing, Charging & Balancing

*Finding Your Divine Power*
Development of Qi
Physical Body Tricks
Finding Your Unique Ability
Meditative Techniques for Power

*Twin Flame Guidance*
Reunite & Attract Your Twin Flame
Twin Flame Psychic Reading
Self Love & Your Twin
Raise Your Frequencies

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