Final Sandstorm Tribute | The End [Read Description]

Hey Gamers,

Well shit, I don’t even on how to start this thing but I’ll just say that I know personally that I am not angry at anyone in the community but I am simply tired of Sandstorm, to an extreme. It’s the fact that I’ve grinded a grand total of 906 hours into a game that’s still a bit buggy since launch and repetitive gameplay. Since I first saw this game in the steam store, I was hooked. However, things change and people change. My life is a wrecked train as of right now and almost emotionally unbearable, a family member of mine who has served in the Canadian Army since 2006 in Operation Athena, the Canadian Invasion of Afghanistan, recently committed suicide due to severe post traumatic stress disorder. He was my uncle and I looked up to him as my mentor and best friend.

My Uncle was a different man than my father. He was slick, calm and he always kept his head on swivel. However, he saw things that he couldn’t forget and it was stuck in his memory until he passed away. Moving on, I’d like to say how on many friends I met in this game, I never thought I could get along anybody since I am 15 and the 95% of people I have met up with are at least twice my age. I was surprised on how people were so welcoming to new players in Insurgency Sandstorm and it gave a smile on my face. To the people in the Enemy West Gang group, you guys were funny as hell with the soundboards on ministry and to the Yalla ISMC Community, you people were like a second family to me. All of you were like a second family too me and I really did enjoy our times together even if I was “silently” angry. It’s because I cared about each and everyone of you and I show love in a discreet way. I am not going to cry over this because I have way more important things to do with my time of course. You guys were fucking great, to put it bluntly.

As of right now, I am taking focus on Moderating on a FiveM community.

I don’t really have anymore words other than what I have already said. I will be here for you as long as you need me in your discord DMs and steam because I know you guys probably have problems or are going to face some that you’ll need help getting through. Don’t be afraid to reach out. I know I never did but that’s because I had my people already and I just want you to know that I will be that person for you if that’s what you need. I just hope you all understand that YOU brought a light into a very dark man’s heart on the days we played because I know that I gave you guys a fun time. It was fun while it lasted and I hope you guys (and girls) kick ass.

For probably the final time, thank you all.

– Fetcher


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