ex lover, a poem by lil traumatized (Audio)

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Fuck it, I did it

I did my best, I gave you all I was
You don’t even show me all the love you have for me
It’s crazy, yeah it is
You cheated on me
And you ended up hating on me

But who the fuck are you?
I don’t recognize you
Don’t even remember what I wanted to be
You showed me the opposite of you claimed to be

You really loved me?
Sorry if I don’t believe you, but I was a fucking joke to you
Now you miss me?
Fuck you, don’t wanna know nothing about you

At least I made you cum a lot of times
And you can NOT say that from other guys
Post traumatic stress disorder
Congrats, you made me a fucking disaster

You’re the meaning behind my face tat
Fuck, I don’t was supposed to say that
That’s too much for you, you don’t deserve that
You deserve to being hurted by the people you want

Sorry if I hurt you, but you hurted me more
All the things I did wasn’t enough
You broke every part of me
And now I don’t know what the fuck I feel

I fucking love you, yeah I’m crazy
But this is the guy you was fucking with
The guy that made you spend almost 2 years of your life
The guy you called “the love of your life”

I wish you the best, but I’m the best
So you better look up
Good luck.

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℗ 2021 Kashbill

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