Episode 4 – Michelle Tippens

Today I had the honor of interviewing @voteformichelle. A woman who served in the military, until a horrific accident ended her career and led to her honorable discharge. After being prescribed over 20 different pharmaceutical drugs, per day for her injuries, Michelle decided to do her own research. In doing so, she discovered that engaging in the use of cannabis would be a healthier route to take. Til this day, she champions for the cause. After losing her husband to suicide caused by post traumatic stress disorder, Michelle decided to really emphasize the importance and effectiveness of cannabis. For years she has been trying to convince legislators to legalize cannabis in Hawai’i so that others battling PTSD would have legal access to cannabis and not have to experience what she had gone through. Mahalo for opening up and sharing your personal experiences with our podcast. #roundblockpodcast

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