Episode 3: What's the Difference Between Trauma and PTSD? Christian Emotional Recovery Podcast

Episode Description:
What’s the Difference Between Trauma and PTSD explains the psychological, symptomatic, and social signs of both of these conditions and how each one is different. We discuss the misconceptions about trauma and PTSD, their impacts, and how you can tell the difference between each one based on scientific research. 

This episode also addresses the symptoms of trauma and PTSD and treatments that target these unique conditions. This episode applies established research and shares free resources to help you get started or continue on your healing journey. 

Breakdown of Episode: 

1:15  Introduction to the Topic

5:51  What’s the Difference Between Trauma and PTSD? 

20:29 Symptoms of PTSD and Trauma

31:40 Treatments of PTSD and Trauma

42:57 How Does All of This Connect to Faith and Following Jesus Christ? 

Bulleted List of Resources

Hope and Healing Center and Institute HACI on PTSD vs. Trauma   
This source describes the difference between PTSD and Trauma and how these are applied in various situations. It describes the causes of trauma and how this can become PTSD. 
National Alliance on Mental Illness NAMI on PTSD vs Trauma

This source clarifies the symptoms of PTSD and Trauma and includes specific therapies and treatments that can help target the source of PTSD and Trauma. 

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