Empathizing with PTSD

Andy Chu, Co-Founder of nimsa, having a discussion with Dr Lisa Koshkarian on the subject of PTSD.

Dr. Lisa Koshkarian, Ph.D is a Clinical Psychologist who has been working with socio-culturally-economically diverse adolescents and adults in private practice and community mental health settings for over 30 years. She is deeply curious about the nature of being a whole human being within each person’s context and invested in helping people achieve their fullest potential for meaningful aliveness, as well as process and mourn the difficulties and losses in their lives. She is also passionate about mentoring and teaching graduate students and new clinicians, particularly utilizing feminist relational theories with incorporation of the arts.

00:00 Introduction and Andy’s house fire
01:02 Can watching the Capitol riot on TV be traumatizing?
03:34 When to seek help for trauma
05:23 Do you have PTSD and not know it?
08:08 What makes a feeling or memory part of a “disorder”?
09:58 Being aware of racism as trauma
12:55 Grow mentally using the technique of reframing
16:23 Achieve understanding by reframing the Capital riot
19:04 A story of empathy at the bakery
21:07 Taking time off to care for your mental health
23:28 How to bring up mental health issues with loved one
25:29 To notice is to love; how to use the technique of noticing
27:34 Care for oneself with noticing

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