Dose of Dopamine: Trauma and PTSD

LET’S TALK! TRAUMA and PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. “ How long will it take me to recover from a traumatic experience?”, “How soon will my employee be back at work after an armed robbery?” We talk to Hansie Strydom HSPCA registered counsellor with The Talking Point Group, who daily works with victims of trauma. Cash in transit hijackings and armed robberies have escalate. During 2020, there were 293 cash-in-transit robberies recorded in SA. The Security Industry is exposed to these traumatic incidents daily. LET’S TALK and hit SUBSCRIBE! Website: Facebook: Instagram: We as The Talking Point Group are the leading provider of integrated wellness assistance services. Contact us to look after your employees in the unfortunate event of a traumatic incident at work 021 300 2053 /

Source: Youtube