Does Infidelity Cause PTSD? | The Wandering Therapist Sessions

PTSD is in the DSM V as a diagnosis for mental health. Many people wonder whether or not it’s possible for someone who experience’s betrayal to develop PTSD. In this episode, Tyler Patrick LMFT, walks through the official requirements of PTSD within the DSM V and asks a few questions to help you identify if you may qualify.

00:00 Does Infidelity Cause PTSD?
00:12 The Wandering Therapist Sessions
01:14 First, What is PTSD really?
01:51 Is It Traumatic?
02:41 Witnessing Events
02:59 Learning The Event Happened To Someone We’re Close To
03:12 Intrusion Symptoms
03:19 Intrusive Distressing Memories Of The Events
03:48 Recurring Distressive Dreams
03:54 Dissociative Reactions
04:01 Intentional Prolonged Psychological Distress At Exposure To Internal Cues
04:16 Marked Physiological Reactions That Symbolize A Resemblant Aspect Of the Traumatic Event
04:46 Persistence Avoidance Of The Stimuli That Causes The Distress
05:17 Negative Alterations in Cognitions and Mood Associated with the traumatic event
06:32 Marked alterations in arousal and reactivity associated with the traumatic event(s), beginning or worsening after the traumatic event(s) occurred
08:04 PTSD From Betrayal Is A Real Thing
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