Discouraging review process for disability assessment. PTSD, ACC.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Diagnosed bipolar 1 disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In New Zealand, mental health services deals with bipolar and ACC deals with PTSD (as an injury from trauma). Even though I experience them tangled other.

After 2 years of therapy for PTSD, I was told my clinicians that I have permanent disability and might want to consider applying for compensation from ACC. I looked into it and applied for a lump sum payout. ACC will typically assess PTSD at 10-20% whole body impairment, with a payout of approximately $3000 – $9000. A very low amount compared to lost potential income.

I made other videos over the past few months about how the process went. The assessment was a 1 hour phone call with a psychiatrist, apparently using the AMA guides. The report was a contradictory mess, and when I looked up this psychiatrist, he had bad reviews. He assessed me at the threshold of 10%, then apportioned some to non-covered bipolar, suggested non-covered autism (despite an autism assessment saying traits only), blamed non-covered stress of marriage breakup and separation from my son. The AMA has nothing much to do with how severely one is impacted from other tests, capacity to work etc.

I applied to review his decision. Was allocated an independent reviewer. Phone call yesterday. They said they cannot change the psychiatrist’s decision without new evidence in form of either: 1. credible medical professional demonstrating flaws in the report or 2. get an independent review. Approx $1000 is allocated to do this; anything above that is to be paid for by me.

Been calling psychiatrists all around the country (as psychologists are not considered to be medical professionals, but psychiatrists are). Not many do disability assessments and the fees suggested are in the region of $3000-$5000+ as estimate (will not give quotes). Will also not take instruction from me, as they are only interested in who pays them.

The whole system is screwed, with all these people along the way making money. Especially the psychiatrists. If I cannot get a quote for a reasonable fee for the time limit, then it has no chance. It’s biased, unfair and confusing.

On the plus side, at least can get a diagnosis for no charge in New Zealand, although it is very stressful to got through the process of getting therapy etc for ‘sensitive claims’ (sexual abuse trauma etc). So much so, that many people pull out, as too triggering.

The system is set up to rewards those who are at the ‘top’ and to punish the vulnerable.

Source: Youtube