Dear Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers… Storytime (as a Christian woman)

This video is my thank you note to all the scapegoat daughters of narcissistic mothers who are a part of my discipleship community and watch my videos here on YouTube. Specifically, thank you, Lori, for today’s heartfelt comment you posted. I always appreciate daughters of narcissistic mothers’ stories shared in the comments section of my videos. Lori shared her heart, and her narcissistic mother story touched my heart. In this video, I share my response to Lori’s heartfelt comment left today on my recent video called “How Narcissistic Mother Makes Her Scapegoat Daughter Feel”

This video is a storytime. In this story time video, I share the story of my life as I read Lori’s comment where she shares the story of her life. As you hear these two stories about narcissistic mothers and daughters, though we are from different continents and social backgrounds, the “scapegoat daughter of a narcissistic mother” story is the same for both Lori and me. I also share that I was a daughter of the scapegoat narcissistic mother, and how abusive was my grandmother, my mother’s mother with whom we lived. I shared more narc storytime videos in this playlist about daughters of narcissistic mothers

Daughters of narcissistic mothers are burdened with a painful psychological legacy: C-PTSD, depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, self-doubt, and even the lack of desire to live. Narcissistic mother abuse is very hard to acknowledge, understand, process, and talk about because it’s a deep bloody wound in the soul, the heart, and the psyche of the hated, bullied, tortured, tormented, and rejected daughter of the toxic abusive narcissistic mother. That is the story of my life. I am wounded. The impact of having a narcissistic mother is childhood C-PTSD (Complex PTSD, aka post-traumatic stress disorder), and I was diagnosed in 2016 with CPTSD. It affects every area of my being and lifestyle. Having a narcissistic mother resulted in multiple addictions, depression, suicidal ideation, daddy issues, identity confusion, and so much more for me personally. Here’s a video where I discuss openly the 20 types of narcissistic mother trauma (narcissistic victim syndrome) “20 Types of Narcissistic Mother Trauma”

The narcissistic mother abuse cycle never ends, and today at 38 years old, I continue to receive up to 100 emails AT ONCE from my senseless, conscience-lacking, insane narcissistic mother whom I do not communicate with at all, and her emails go straight to my email trash. She’s blocked. My narcissistic mother abuse recovery began 7 years ago as I hit the rock bottom with my addictions. Slowly, God revealed to me who I am in Christ and what He thinks about me. God taught me how to live life by abiding in Christ, so I surrendered to God myself, my life, and my mother. Here’s a video I did about it called “Surrender Your Narcissistic Mother To God”

Narcissistic abuse in a mother-daughter relationship is very hidden from the public eye, and no one believes the scapegoat daughter. Children of narcissistic mothers feel lonely and hopeless, and that’s how I felt, so I tried to take my own life twice, which is extremely common for all the bullied and hated children of narcissistic abuse parents. Here’s a video I did about this topic called “Narcissistic Mother Trauma 15: Suicidal Depression”

As you watch this storytime video, you will inevitably see my symptoms of narcissistic abuse surface. I didn’t edit this video because there’s no need to hide my pain. I own my truth. One of the characteristics of daughters of narcissistic mothers is to put on a smile and hide the pain. No more! Watch “7 Characteristics of Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers”

As you observe my obvious symptoms, consider watching a video about daughters of narcissistic mothers symptoms “20 Symptoms of Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers” which you can watch here

At the end of this story time, you will witness how to heal from having a narcissistic mother: surrender your pain to God. How to heal daughters of narcissistic mothers is explained in this video. The only antidote to the narcissist is Jesus. If you want to know how to overcome rage from having a narcissistic mother, watch this:


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