Deadnaming me links directly back to my abusers. Outing themselves. PTSD

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Diagnosed bipolar 1 disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder. Yes, actually formally diagnosed by psychiatrists and psychologists. I am permanently disabled from my disorders, still, after 2 years of weekly therapy with a trauma expert for PTSD. I am on a low income.

The reason I do what I do is to advocate for the vulnerable (including myself). I was screwed over, to put it bluntly.

I legally changed my name because of trauma from sexual assault. Witnessed by my ex who did not stop it. I dissociated after pressured into a situation and was not consenting. One cannot consent when incapacitated. Also I was coerced and now I have found out that ex has lied and said that I am to blame and made him do it. Crock of lies.

Last half a dozen or so videos about about the recent drama of two of my ex’s flying monkeys (those who do the dirty work of the smear campaigns etc). His sister and my ex-‘friend’/ex-employee. Both ranted on here with lies. Was quite shocking to find out the extent of the lying pinning all the blame onto me.

The dead named me which actually leads straight back to my ex and the name of the pet sitting business that my ex-employee got for practically nothing then turned on me with abuse.

The pet sitting business no longer looks professional and the owner does not act professional either, going around shit-stirring with gossip and drama. Ironically, this woman still had a feature video with me and my ex on it on Facebook. Not sure if she has removed it after I drew attention to it. She also accused me of stealing my own copyright photos which she still uses. I would never have hired this woman and entrusted client’s homes and pets with her had I known her true character.

I have never named my ex or the business since changing my name. He refused accountability, has never apologised, has lied to friends and family and did everything to destroy me. I have nothing to hide. He is terrified of the truth getting out and has lied to his social circle.

If anyone dead names me, in an attempt to smear me, they are actually outing themselves and my ex – easily found in search. Dead name because it is like a person died.

My previous married name had initials “mf”.

If you type in [dead name] Xanthe Wyse – a public document comes up with my former ABN (Australian Business Number) with name of the pet sitting business I used to own.

If you type in [dead name] pet sitting, media directly related to the pet sitting business comes up. Including a video after the award ceremony when I won a business award. The business is named.

If you type in [dead name] with my former middle name, ‘Elizabeth’ in between, you will see a public document with my ex’s name and even the first house we owned. It was a short-lived business my ex owned and put me down as a shareholder.

Very, very easy to find. I am not outing these abusers. I am saying how I am affected by PTSD as a result of the trauma and abuse. If they want to out themselves, go right ahead. If they want to try and sue me for crimes I haven’t committed, they will out themselves too.

My memoir, Bipolar Cringe is being published soon. My psychologist supports me in publishing it, as it will offer insight into bipolar, PTSD and an open marriage. My ex and others are not named. It is my story. It counteracts all the lies against me.

My semiautobiographical novel, Pet Purpose: Your Unspoken Voice is on Amazon as an ebook and paperback. It has the emotional truth of my story with blended memoir and fiction. Depicting bipolar and PTSD.

All my art is processing why I changed my name. I’m not finished yet.

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