Day 4 – No Sleep, Insomnia PTSD, I'm gonna die any way. Can't be Cured.

Schizophrenia, Post Trumatic Stress Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Bi Polar Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder, I have auditory and hulicination daily now. my dad ..
uses me. takes advantage. I’m stagnate. fuck video games. I’m too deppresed. I’m Just comfortably numb. I can sit in silence. as the voices in my head continue to teach me. they tell me that dying and my conditions are uncureable. just meds. so I’m gonna get worse and worse. and no one does the reaserch like I have. many it’s not a disability. I have many names. shit I wish I could go driving. my dad keeps me from being free. my life is hell. I’m slowly showing the truth. not all YouTubers have it good. I sleep on the floor. my dad hogged the room. so I sleep in the dinning room across the kitchen. 4 years now. my backs adapted. had no choice but suffer, my dad gets a rise out it. he’s a control freak. hope someone reads this. check in on me. please. email me. I’m free till I have another episode.

Source: Youtube