David Andrade | Living with Anxiety, Depression & PTSD | College Edition

David Andrade shares “Brave Multiplies Brave.”

David just completed his bachelor’s at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. David was born in Los Angeles and moved to Boston after his parents split up. David currently works at Fathers’ Uplift in Dorchester, Ma as a Youth Coach. David has struggled with depression and anxiety from a young age after suffering trauma as a child. After a close friend committed suicide in 2017, David realized he was spiraling out of control and decided to attend therapy. Since starting therapy David has committed his life to destigmatizing mental health. David has recently been accepted into a Master of Social Work Program and intends to focus on Trauma based studies and become a clinical therapist. In his free time David enjoys working out, reading, and spending time with his loved ones.

Instagram: @d_the_social_worker

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