cure anxiety and fears :) | rain ver. | cosmic wanderer

The affirmations included in this subliminal establish and strengthen new ideal beliefs related to the respective topic deeply in your conscious, preconscious and unconscious mind. Also, your conscious, subconscious and superconscious work together to give you all your ideal positive results from this subliminal instantly at the speed of light.

benefits –
pre booster + protection affs

instantly and easily –
be completely healed and free from all your past, past mistakes, past pains, past wounds
forgive yourself and everyone
complete self love, self worth, self acceptance, self value, self esteem, self confidence, positive self image – boost
always be the most happiest and the most healthiest person
always be the most bravest and the most courageous person
be able to face and handle every situation in life with courage and bravery
feel whole, complete, harmonious and balanced within yourself
feel new, refreshed, calm and peaceful
feel detached and free

be completely healed, free from and immune to –
any anxiety and anxiety disorders
any and all causes and symptoms of anxiety
any anxiety related to past, present or future
any fears and phobias
stress, tension and worries
nervousness and restlessness
feelings of danger
dangerous situations and traumatic experiences
panic, panic attacks and anxiety attacks
unnecessary excessive sweating
unnecessary trembling or muscle twitching
any weakness in your mind and body
any intrusive thoughts
unnecessary unfavorable negative thoughts, feelings and emotions
any respiratory issues, digestive issues
insomnia or other sleeping disorders
any obsessive thoughts or behaviors
obsessive compulsive disorder
unhealthy attachments to anything, anyone, any thoughts
any post traumatic stress disorder
any heart palpitations
any tightness or feelings of pain in heart or chest
any choking sensations
feelings of nausea, vomiting sensations
social phobia, social anxiety
generalized anxiety disorder
panic disorder
separation anxiety disorder
selective mutism
any mental disorders or mental disturbances
unhealthy destructive habits

all your body systems are perfectly healthy and optimal functioning [emphasis given on nervous system, respiratory system and digestive system]
all your chakras are perfectly balanced and completely healed [emphasis given on heart chakra]
perfectly healthy and optimal functioning brain

it is always easy for you to breathe deeply and easily
heart rate, heart beat – always perfect, healthy and normal
breathing – always perfect, healthy and normal
safely release any suppressed/repressed unwanted emotions
safely release any emotional blockages
be an emotionally strong person, be a mentally strong person
always stand in your power
take great care of yourself always, be supportive of yourself always
always feel amazing, happy, grateful and peaceful
love yourself more and more and more every second

be able to fully focus and concentrate on anything you intent to
always have pure clarity, always have clarity of thoughts
be able to sleep peacefully whenever you intent to sleep
always have the best sleep and healthy sleeping patterns

live your ideal happy life
be the ideal best version of yourself, have the complete power and energy to be your best version
every day is the best day, every year is the best year
always be super happy and energetic throughout the day everyday
be completely in love with your life
great miracles and happy events always happen in your life
all your thoughts, feelings, emotions, intentions, wishes and desires are favorable

love you guys! good luck! ❤️

Music credits – Rain

Source: Youtube