Critical Self Care! The "Joy" of Moving During A Pandemic With PTSD, disabilities and no savings!

Yes, that’s right. I have PTSD, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and I’ve got to move during a pandemic very soon! I’m really proud of myself for following my own advice about self care, pacing myself, taking breaks, and assigning a stopping point. Panic level is fairly low grade at the moment, but I have to keep at it no matter how much it hurts. If you have PTSD, or you’re just going through 2020, you might want some of the tools in my box.

Normally, Vlogs on this channel are private or unlisted, but lately I’ve been thinking I could help more people if I made them available. Having CPTSD or PTSD is an Everest level challenge. Add on other disabilities it’s build a rocket and go to the moon hard. If I can share my tools and help you feel less alone that would make me happy. If you are an able person trying to understand someone who has PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, a disability, maybe listening and watching my diary videos will be helpful.

Time is running out where I’ve been living. I am in a situation now where what is holding me back from making the move into a new place is money. I need to hire movers and pay deposits and there is just a myriad of expenses. Any amount donated will help so if you want to throw some cash at my problem and are able here is how:


Venmo @MoonMe

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