Crisis in America PTSD Episode 42

Crisis in America PTSD welcomes a Veteran success story. Bryan Flanery is an Army Veteran and national speaker. During a deployment to Afghanistan with 1-320th Top Guns, his vehicle rolled down a ravine. He suffered injuries including a broken neck, dislocated shoulders, hip damage, ACL tears and a Traumatic Brain Injury. His unit was given a Presidential Unit Citation for their bravery in battle. At 28, Bryan had endured eight significant surgeries and was struggling to manage chronic pain due to his injuries.

But his toughest battle was against an unseen enemy. Through a miraculous intervention, his suicide attempt was unsuccessful. Bryan is a veteran that lived. Reeling from the failed attempt, and still battling the trauma from his past, Bryan was invited to attend a REBOOT Combat Recovery healing course.Within only 12 weeks, his life was transformed. Due to his community involvement, Bryan was recognized in 2015 by the Nashville Business Journal as an Impact Veteran during their inaugural Veteran Awards.Today, Bryan has facilitated courses serving over 400 military families and speaks around the country inspiring civilians and veterans alike.

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