Crisis in America PTSD Episode 37

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Crisis in America PTSD and Veteran Suicide # 3…

Crisis in America PTSD #37 KGRA.mp4

Mikel Brooks had a rocky start in life. He was abandoned at 3 years but later adopted at 5 years to a family in a rural area of Arkansas. As he came of age and enlisted in the Army, his injuries in the battlefield left him with a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, other physical conditions that soon led him to drug addiction with opiates and meth. Suicide he felt was his only option but instead of dying he survived it to create one of the most successful Programs in the state to prevent suicide with Veterans.
We Are The 22 is a certified 501c3 non profit dedicated to combatting the Veteran Suicide Epidemic through direct, peer based, Suicide Intervention in coordination with the VA, local Law Enforcement, and Community Organizations. A riveting show only on KGRA and Crisis in America with Col. Mike Brown. Access ALL KGRA Content & Exclusives @


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