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🔥 Tip #1: VA C&P Exam for PTSD Overview

After you’ve filed your VA claim for PTSD, you’re likely going to get a C&P exam from a U.S. Board Certified Psychologist or Psychiatrist at either a VA medical facility by a VA doctor OR by a contracted C&P examiner at a private medical facility.

🔥 Tip #2: VA C&P Exam for PTSD Questions

When you arrive at your c and p exam for PTSD, you’ll likely be handed a 20-question paper exam called the PCL-5. There are a few variations of this self-assessment measure, which may include the PCL-5, PCL-5 with LEC-5, and/or the PCL-5 with Criterion A.

🔥 Tip #3: 8 Things for Your VA C and P Exam for PTSD

1. Know what’s in your medical records! There is no substitute for knowing what’s in your service treatment records, VA medical records, or any private medical records.

2. Review your Disability Benefit Questionnaire (DBQ) for PTSD.

3. Review the eCFR, Title 38, Part 4, Schedule for Rating Disabilities

4. Do NOT have your best day…


6. PTSD claims comes down to your current level of “Occupational and Social Impairment.”

7. Know your true story cold…and potential in-service stressors (or other service-connected disability) that caused or made your PTSD VA worse.

8. You must be prepared to talk about your life in detail. Before joining the military. During the military. And after your active duty service.

🔥 Tip #4: How to Get Your PTSD C&P Exam Results

If your C&P exam for PTSD was conducted by a VA doctor at a VA facility, your C&P exam results will populate in MyHealtheVet within 24 hours.

🔥 Tip #5: Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Compensation and Pension Exam for PTSD

Do you have a medical diagnosis of PTSD from the military, a VA doctor, or a private doctor? If not, you need to get to the doctor and tell them everything going on with you! Without a diagnosis of PTSD, your VA claim will get denied.

Need more medical evidence to service-connect and get rated at the appropriate level in support of your VA disability claim or appeal?

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