Complex-PTSD Billion$ joint Teacher Student School District Class-Action Lawsuit FL Broward Miami

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Spectrum Disorder Billion$ Teacher Student Class-action Lawsuit in Compton, CA – Is Broward county, FL next? We CAN Anonymous Coin Toss Poll EVERY Student WEEKLY on Bullying in EACH Broward County, Florida, School!

– The Behavioral transmission of neurotoxic stress and neurodegeneration means we have a whole new model to work from in regard combating epidemics in our schools and communities – akin to the introduction of sanitary hygiene. The President and Secretary of Education have recently proposed “Safe Haven schools” (safe sanctuaries) in “TRAUMA-AWARE” communities that understand that behaviorally transmitted trauma can reach epidemic levels. PATHOLOGY PRODUCES POVERTY & PATHOLOGY PRECEDES POVERTY – Poverty DOESN’T Precede Pathology! – Poverty DOESN’T Produce Pathology! – One in three children in the US are abused – this is NOT OK, OK?

Is there a link between Childhood CPTSD & Autism?

CPTSD is known to cause changes in the brain and genes, some permanent and some temporary.

To have CPTSD doesn’t mean that one is damaged, it means one is perfectly adapted to a world one doesn’t want – one of paucity and competition instead of plenty and cooperation – abuse and social pathology leads to endemic poverty, not vice-versa; endemic poverty does not lead to abuse and social pathology, that is absurd!

Coming from a community exhibiting CPTSD does not mean that one is damaged as much as that one is perfectly adapted to ones environment – adapted to gangs and guns and shootings in Compton, CA; 1 in 3 abused in Broward and SRO’s in schools with handcuffs in FL; Lead in the water and blood of children in Flint, Michigan; and Police shootings and impoverished schools in Chicago, ILL..

Making the PUFF-PASTRY of Linked Social Ills Fall: CAUSE FOR EXCITEMENT AND OPTIMISM Mathematical computer scale-free simulation models indicate that reducing the pathogenic contagion of dysfunctional behaviors in a community by as little as 5-15% might potentially bring about a phase change in the system. These models indicate that smaller communities are especially at risk of a runaway cascading chain-reaction occurring if the level of dysfunction rises above a certain critical point. Such a runaway reaction might result in 30-40% or more of a population being affected. This same potential for exponential increase means there is potential to cause an exponential decrease. It is hoped that targeting both direct familial and secondhand social exposure of children and adults to dysfunction and employing a new awareness of behavioral hygiene might cause the self-inflating, self-perpetuating puff-pastry of myriad interlinked dysfunction to fall and decrease as a group this is the Holy Grail of social spending and social service efforts.

It is time we identified affected communities, not just affected persons, neighborhoods, or segments of society. Which cities? Which counties, which states?

We must make our schools into JUSTICE-FREE Safe-Haven SANCTUARIES:


To make our children FUNDAMENTALLY safe at school means – Error must be seen as an Opportunity to LEARN not as an opportunity to enact Justice upon someone or to have Justice enacted upon one as Punishment or Negative-Consequence.

Talking and Healing Circles are needed, not courts. We need schools modeled on museums and parks not prisons and kids can be given the responsibility by the city to environmentally manage all public lands – When Kids have a sense of OWNERSHIP in their schools then schools will be SAFE in a deep, lasting, and fundamental way. We can protect our children by providing them a K-12 autobiography robotic system to interact with and use weekly and even daily and make use of frequent ANONYMOUS POLLS as well as NOVEL means of dealing with behavioral errors such as H’Opponono Community – Further we WILL and CAN protect our KIDS especially during the amnesic years of zero to six, which is seldom discussed.


GOOGLE-SEARCH on; ” Melissa Harris-Perry, CPTSD ” ~ What do you see? Share Think File – share – Share THINK File – share – TRUMP-SCOTT PRESIDENTIAL TICKET IN WORKS is why Gov. Rick Scott blinds MHP #IstandwithMHP #nerdlandforever #IstandwithMHP #nerdland to prepare as Trump VP Where is Broward School District ESE Special-needs OUTRAGE? Kids know wrong when see it, why don’t we? We ALL have CPTSD is why. What does it mean to have CPTSD or to be in a community diagnosed as having chronic epidemic levels of CPTSD? It means you are PERFECTLY adapted to the REAL world. No kidding. You – We are perfectly adapted to a dangerous world. Our brains are hard-wired to optimize for a competitive dangerous world of scarcity and competition in order to to survive.

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