Complex post traumatic stress disorder: my experience | ToxicMentalTuesday Ep. 4

For this episode of ToxicMentalTuesday, I discuss CPTSD, the symptoms, and my experience with this condition. I distinguish between Borderline Personality Disorder vs CPTSD and PTSD vs CPTSD.

ToxicMentalTuesday is a series where I discuss anything that has to do with toxicity and or mental health. I’m passionate about normalizing mental health, especially within the black community, and educate about the toxicity which is often a direct result of mental illness.

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My name is Savonne Pearson, a 22-year-old who loves to tell stories and challenge perspectives. Whether it be through commentary or a series, in each video, I aim to teach you something new or tell a story. I’m passionate about normalizing mental health within the black community, challenging stereotypes within the LGBT community, and bringing awareness to those who often become forgotten.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:13 – What is CPTSD?
3:36 – CPTSD in my experience
6:13 – Getting into symptoms
6:23 – PTSD vs. CPTSD
6:43 – PTSD Symptom #1
8:54 – PTSD Symptom #2
9:34 – PTSD Symptom #3
11:44 – PTSD Symptom #4
12:05 – PTSD Symptom #5
13:22 – Symptoms of CTPSD
13:29 – CPTSD Symptom #1
15:07 – CPTSD Symptom #2
17:23 – CPTSD Symptom #3
19:18 – CPTSD Symptom #4
21:58 – CPTSD Symptom #5
22:38 – CPTSD Important Note
23:31 – BPD vs CPTSD
25:16 – Everrythinngg is a Journey
26:29 – CPTSD & the DSM-5
27:30 – Outro

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