“Some soldiers never truly come back.”

“COME BACK” is a short film about PTSD (Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder) in soldiers. With it, we hope to raise awareness for soldiers and families who have been affected by this disorder.
This film was made to be more symbolic than literal, so we apologize for any inaccuracies to the authentic uniform and hope we will be forgiven by any soldiers who find any representations in this film to be inaccurate.
We are simply trying to create meaningful and impactful art for a good cause, and hope it will be seen as such.

Oleksii Babenko & Daniel Hoban

If you are looking to donate Semperfifund.org is a great organization that helps veterans.

Music by: Keaton Henson “Earnestly Yours” (Romantic Works/ June 16, 2014/ Oak Ten)

Produced & Directed by: Oleksii Babenko
Written by: Oleksii Babenko & Dan Hoban
Director of Photography: Matthew Daly
Starring: Emily Karlsson & Dan Hoban
1st AC: Nick Patterson
2ndAC: Hemy He
1atAD: Jonathan Orellana
2ndAD: Karen Ochoa

Source: Youtube