Cody – Monsters by Mattybraps

Cody Martinson
Born: July/12/1986
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Birth Places: San Diego
Species: Human
Nationality: 🇺🇸American 🇯🇵Japan
Citizenships: 🇺🇸American
Affiliation: USMC (formerly) SPENTIELD STRIKE
Years of Service: 2006-2015
Awards: Medal of Honor Purple Heart
Service/branch: United States Marine Corps
Alignment: Good
Title: Agent of SPENTIELD
Role: Field Operative
Battles/wars: war in Iraq and Afghanistan
Genders: Male
Age: 34

Cody Martinson was a former members of United States Marine Corps he goes to hand-to-hand combat but’s also feeling so Clam when the drill instructors yelling at him so he’s trained with Close quarters combat, he graduated in boot camp go to the tours in iraq to afghanistan he killed 129 comfirmed enemies kill when his men were dead in the line of duty he was rank knowns as the Staff Sergeant in Middle East then he decorated his medals of honor and the purple heart and then became retired marine veteran to the Veteran Affairs so he join the agency known as SPENTIELD Division as STRIKE Team so he met the girl with wolf ears name Kiaya they making an great relationship to each others, chilling in the grass so he feel claming himself he was go in the mission around the globe to protect innocent people so he was injured in the mission and the battle in city known as Paradise than he was saved by his brother name Ford Martinson, giant monster name Dobby and the old enemies as Hydra and ISIS they were tried killed him but’s his STRIKE Members rescue him they pick him up in the Quinjet in the Helicarrier he’s was recovered in SPENTIELD Medical Facility then became most bestest agents in the month he’s any PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) clams himself down and he’s never feel so alive and he was one only young man in the World he watch the sky is blue cloud is white

Source: Youtube