Channel intro- living with ADHD, ASD, PTSD and 4 dogs

Me talking a load of nonsense lol
Its all over the place but I’ve chosen just to upload without editing (or even watching it back lol) cuz its the most realistic representation of how spaghetti brained i am on a daily basis due to anxiety, depression, autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD and PTSD 🙁

Future videos will be more focused on my dogs 🙂


I hate people claiming a pet is a service dog simply cuz they think its cute to take their dog everywhere.

Marley is TRAINING as a service dog and yes I realise there’s a good chance he won’t make it but he’s still got a year before he’s 2 5 years so I’m guna try my best with him 🙂

Please comment, especially if you have similar issues 🙂

I know Its hard to understand me, I will try to speak more clearly in future videos ut its hard with no teeth and after spending the last 10 years living somewhere with an accent not easy to understand for other people lol

#adhd #aspergers #ptsd #anxiety #depression #dogs

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