CDC Centers f/Disease Control to study Complex Traumatic-Justice PTSD Epidemic Broward FL schools

Compton California Complex PTSD Lawsuit filed – Is Broward County Florida next?

October 2015 School District of Broward County Florida Board Meeting

Hello ESE Advisory and others,

Sorry to bother, but: Wake up Momma-bears, wake up!

Complex PTSD is FAR worse for ESE children, and FAR less studied – do you hear me? Please?

Say it isn’t so! Lauren Book and Lauren’s Kids in bed with BIG PRISONS in Florida – Sigh!


Big Education Lawsuits similar to Tobacco Lawsuits are about to sweep the Nation – isn’t it about time we stood up for our kids and face-down the guilty parties to make them take responsibility, you are darned right it is – and WE are the guilty party – it is certainly not our kids, that would be ludicrous to say. We need to applaud this. Fix this. Be better – For our kids. Find help for Lauren. Stop helping her to fuel the cycle of abuse – stop her with empathy, understanding and compassion – But do stop her, because 1 in 3 is NOT OK, OK?

In light of this quickly developing information it would seem advisable that the school district of Broward county quickly reach out to Thomas Frieden, director of the CDC directly and arrange a meeting at one of his places in Atlanta, Washington, Virginia or San Diego or here in Florida and Broward ideally – it is that important – the train is moving, decision time is upon us.

Traumatic-Justice Lawsuits WILL help Free TRAPPED CHILDREN – TRAPPED LIKE RATS – Lions, tigers, and a kindergarten to prison pipeline, Oh my indeed!

Say what? Do we really want to have Survival of the fittest for Florida students and to see them trapped in an unacceptable yet hopeless situation we create intentionally and call “zero tolerance” and “justice” and subject students regularly to debilitating TRAUMATIC-JUSTICE.

Traumatic-Justice Syndrome (spectrum disorder) – Lawsuits are being filed – The school district of Compton, California is being sued for COMPLEX PTSD and more will surely follow soon.

BILLION DOLLAR NeuroToxic Schools LAWSUITS COMING – Expect to see similar lawsuits soon in, just after Christmas perhaps, in Florida, Texas, and New York school districts – check out the article below for example – all in the billion dollar plus range as is the Compton suit. Please note that calling kids students and not children for one, is a bad sign indeed to dehumanize them right off the get-go. We are guilty as all heck. We all know we are. It is about time we admit it and fix this by fixing ourselves, for the sake of our kids. Right now. 1 in 3 kids messed-with by 18 is NOT OK, OK? Now.

School Construction, Sports, and ROTC – All of it must be DIVESTED and Pawned-OFF to experts and hold them accountable, then focus on education not construction graft, for our kids, because 1 in 3 is not OK, OK?

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Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:
November 11th, 2015 at 8:01 am
It’s highly unlikely that any large, complex school district without an empowered CEO could effectively run any large scale construction and maintenance program without the kind of political and bureaucratic disruptions that negatively impact upon the price, time and quality and cost of construction. There’s simply too much which remains unchecked at stake that will affect those factors.
Cost will go up, projects will be slowed down, and to make up the difference, quality will suffer. This is predictable and we’ve seen it before.
Over 20 years ago, NYC got sick and tired of this reality and addressed it by creating a separate, independent yet coordinating School Construction Authority. They were tremendously successful and have managed billions of dollars in projects ranging from the building of new schools to the renovation and modernization of existing ones. They have their own office of the Inspector General and their own Auditor General to oversee what they do and make sure it’s done honestly.
SCA succeeded and their projects were typically completed ahead of schedule, below budget and with excellent quality. That’s what you look for in a well run construction effort.
Now, we can either be arrogant about it, ignore what works elsewhere and become the victims of a history all too predictable. Or we can be enlightened about it, learn from the hard lessons of history, and forge a new and better future.
There is such a thing as just too large and complicated to succeed. And there’s also such a thing as national best practices.

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