Can you get your old self back after the narcissist?

Can you get your old self back after the narcissist? Here’s exactly what you need to know about finding yourself again after going through a toxic relationship with a narcissist. This is about more than just how to get over a narcissist – it’s all about YOU and what you can do to really take back your life – and your SELF in this process of healing and recovery. Are you ready to get yourself back?

1:21 Are you seeking your “old” self after a toxic relationship?
2:25 Can you return to who you used to be before you met the narcissist?
3:36 How the Narcissist Affected You on a Profound Level
5:24 How You Can Rewire Yourself to Heal, No Matter Your Age
6:05 What it’s going to take to heal and find your real self after the narcissist
6:30 Why you cant just put your feelings away
7:46 How long will it take to heal after this toxic relationship?
8:42 Why your boundaries are more important than ever after a toxic relationship – and what being a people-pleaser has to do with it.
9:31 The surprising step you need to take to fully move on after the narcissist
11:00 Rewriting your story
12:04 How understanding what happened to you can save you from falling for another narcissist
13:24 Question of the Day

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