Calming Music for PTSD, Sleep, Panic Attacks, Stress, Anxiety and Mental Health | Meditation Music

1 hour of calming and relaxing music for panic attacks, stress, anxiety, sleep and mental health.

Music: “Morning Meditation”.
Music composed and produced by Jon Brooks (© 2015).

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Music for Adrenal Fatigue
Generalized Anxiety
Relationship Problems
Energy Disorder
Adrenal Gland

“Morning Meditation” was specifically composed for empaths, highly sensitive people and those with a high emotional intelligence, to help find inner strength to rise above difficult and traumatic events and environments.

This beautiful meditation music with bird song will help calm the mind, energise your soul and bring about inner peace. Ideal for healing anxiety, stress and panic attacks. Be who you want to be, boost your mental health and combat negativity.

Perfect for Mindfulness, healing, massage, reflexology, yoga and other relaxation techniques. For maximum benefit it’s suggested you lie down and listen to the whole music track with headphones in a quiet and non-disruptive environment. Close your eyes, breath and let go…

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