Born on the Wrong Side of Love: My Story( Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Narcissist Mother

Childhood trauma physical, emotional and sexual is indeed nasty stuff folks. It has taken me a lifetime to overcome this. Like my page if you too struggle

Childhood trauma will continue throughout our life continium although we are now grown. Just forgiveness and saying,” they did the best they could” does not work. THEY DID NOT DO THE BEST THEY COULD!!. In fact they were horrible parents.THIS IS NOT LOVE!!

Trauma will continue in our intimate relationships, causing eating disorders, and bad love and addiction. Even disease. Why? Cuz we remain scared little children continually re-traumatizing ourselves with our choices. In a kinda trauma loop. Never able (like a scratched record) to play the whole song. I have escaped this trauma loop. Like my page selmajeanfrancesphillips for the answers. (I will be posting the answers in upcoming days.) Book coming soon!! Also check Instagram and my YouTube channel. Yes baby HELL IS FOR CHILDREN…LET US HEAL NOW!!

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