Blackmore Great Malvern Part2

Join us as we visit the Mid Counties Showground to see one of the biggest Truck gatherings of the year – Malvern Truck-Fest.

Some absolutely gorgeous truck, the amount of man-hours needed to complete some of these artworks must be huge. Some of them are dedicated to loved ones that are no longer with us, some of them are dedicated to the heath issues of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Covid-19 Corona-Virus, and as some of you may already know, I was one of the first Covid-19 sufferers where we live, and spend getting on for 16 weeks in hospital with just just over 4 weeks in a coma !!! What you don’t get to see, because TV and the movies don’t portray Intensive Care / High Dependency Unit patients this way, is that a coma leaves you so weak and fragile, that we have to learn to walk again, because of the huge amount of muscle wastage, learn to talk again, because the ventilator was not kind to the larynx,, and learn to eat again, because we have been fed by tube for so long our gag reflex doesn’t work right. All these things come back, but they take time – Lost Time – and I still can’t walk properly.

Source: Youtube