Black America's Complex PTSD problem, White's are starting to feel it now | The Daily Read w/ Marcus

Since the founding of America Black American’s have been living with Complex PTSD (Post Dramatic Stress Disorder). Slavery, beatings, lynchings, red lining, voter suppression, mass incarceration, and a list of other traumatic experiences has left a hole in the psych of the black Americans in this country who are not educated enough to recognize what we suffer from. The question is when will it end? It seems only the wealthy among us or Lighter skin blacks who can pass for white like, are able to move forward and some even act like here isn’t a problem! Example Stacey Dash (Look up her sickening words she said, then tried to walk it back). Now Whites are starting to feel the pressure because there is an unwritten rule in America that no matter what if one of your parents is black the child is as well which comes from bigotry within itself whites not wanting black children in the past! Now there rioting storming the capital and acting out, out of fear and Complex PTSD. there Traumatic experience is watch a race of people that where once slaves thrive, It’s sick!!!

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