Best PTSD Service Dog Breeds – How Can Dogs Help You With Anxiety and Depression?

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In recent years, man’s favorite four-legged accomplice—the dog, of course—has been shown to provide life-altering advantages to those who struggle with PTSD symptoms. Service and therapy dogs have been expanding their skills over the last few decades, and although research supporting service dogs who specialize in assisting those with PTSD is relatively new, many people are finding their experience working with their dog to be nothing short of incredible.

Dogs are inherently protective of their pack. In your dog’s eyes, you are the pack leader – it is her responsibility to secure your welfare. A good PTSD service dog carries out her duties to defend you in a nonviolent and nonthreatening way, so you will constantly be reminded that there is a special somebody who always has your best interests at heart.

PTSD service dog breeds video TIMESTAMPS:
2:07 German Shepherd
2:27 Pug
2:46 Doberman Pinscher
3:18 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
3:48 Golden Retriever
4:13 Border Collie
4:38 Poodle
5:03 Labrador Retriever

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