Barbeque by Jenny Jokela | Hand-painted Van Gogh-esque animation about the unspoken effects of PTSD

Barbeque is the visceral journey of coping with posttraumatic stress disorder by Jenny Jokela. Using fluid, textured animation, the film visualizes feelings and experiences that might be too difficult or painful to put into words and illustrates the circular process of coping. The film is hand-painted with acrylic paint.

Jokela is a Finnish-Swedish animation director based in London. Her work explores non-patriarchal ways of expressing female sexuality and femininity.

Director, Writer: Jenny Jokela
Producer: Jenny Jokela and Royal College of Art
Composer: Sarah Playford
Sound Mix: Adam Woodhams
Animation Assistants: Ari Ahmed, Cecilia Corzo, Suzanne Matharan, Leigh Salvage,
Rory Brown, Natasza Cetner, Radina Vasileva, Jennifer Boulter, Ipe Kalliomäki, Noemi
Varga, Jennifer Kidd, Georgi Stamenov, Dan Castro

Source: Youtube