Awkward (Flippy htf edit) {please read the description}

Ik it’s been 2 months since I’ve post but I’ll be very honest here
I feel so pure pressure to edit characters like I might stop taking edit request for a while
Yes ik this is not animal crossing but I’ve decided I’ll make this a multi fandom edit account and this doesn’t mean I’ll stop making animal crossing edit no no but I’ll be making edits I wish to do as I pleased
So I made this edit like yesterday because I got really sad and needed to vent a little and it’s one of my very closest friend irl birthday today and I miss her a lot she’s very sweet
So I made this edit with my favorite character from happy tree friends Flippy he makes me happy even though he’s not in a lot of episodes but I’m very interested in he’s character because he went to war and has a backstory about it and has ptsd if you don’t know what it means it’s a disorder called post traumatic stress disorder and I just enjoy him seeing him in screen
Ok that’s enough rabbling for today I’ll see y’all soon
Program I used to edit : Capcut
Sources : happy tree friends I think the episode was called party animal (btw this show is not made for kids has a lot of gore on it so yeah not my problem)
Song :
#edit #happytreefriends #htf

Source: Youtube