Awakening is painful- Anxiety, panic, depression, post traumatic stress disorder

How the Awakening process and Ascension journey can be arduous, it’s symptoms and how to work with them to minimise their effects


Great pools of energy are now reaching Earth due to an astrological alignment that began in 2012 and continues to affect us going forward. The energetic alignment of all the planets has created an energetic grid all around Earth and the Universe.

As living, breathing matter, we are all affected on many levels by these energetic changes. Our cells, our fluids, our organic physical matter is all being realigned, with every upgrade and pull of of the Universe.

These energetic grids and their updates create within us a purging and a purification

We feel exhausted and drained… emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually.

One foot in front of the other becomes intolerable. Breathing in and out becomes even a noticeable effort.

If you have no underlying health conditions then all these signs are passing symptoms of your body renewing, purifying and realigning.

As each purge occurs we can sometimes feel overwhelmed as things suddenly come up for release:

Unexpected aches and pains
Episodes of depression or feeling empty
Sleepless nights
Drowsy days
Feelings of being alone

Do not battle with these symptoms. If there is no underlying medical cause then these are all signs of your body realigning.

Ask the Angels to help you release, in a gentle wave, all things in your life, that no longer serve you.

Ask the Angels to help you feel nurtured during these times of change.
Ask the Angels to show you healthy levels of foods and drink that you consume

Release anything that no longer seems to resonate with your new and changing body
Get plenty of rest
Sleep when you body requires it
Walk out in nature often
Drink pure filtered water
Spend time writing to your Angels, Start to feel your life change for the better.

One day you will wake and :
Everything will seem brighter
You will have more focus and clarity
In you heart is this profound feeling of Peace
You can just BE

Is is at this moment, that you look back at your life and you see how far you have come.
You no longer strive, push or control your destiny
You now just go with the flow.
YOur body, your thoughts, your emotions are more fluid
You accept the moment, you do not label, You are at peace, free safe and secure.

This new life is called the Golden Age. You have been experiencing the process of Ascension.

The energetic grids have infiltrated your being.

You are now a beacon of light for others
Be a way shower, be an example of Peace
What greater gift can you give another than the gift of peace

The Angels will walk with you every step of the way
Guiding, loving, teaching and nurturing you

You are a child of God
Embrace your Divinity


Source: Youtube